Field Trips

To compliment our outstanding monthly educational programs, the Springfield Plateau Chapter periodically offers field trips to members. These trips generally qualify for advanced training.

An Informal Field Trip on the James River – November 2013

Steve Kittle, Gala Solari, Allen Keller and Michael Baird kayaked the James on a fine November day, picking up trash along the way.

Gala and Allen  Steve, Michael, Allen  Michael, Gala, Steve  kayak

Lovett Pinetum – September 2013

Everything you wanted to know and more about pines! A September 2013 field trip to the Lovett Pinetum northeast of Springfield introduced Master Naturalists Jennifer Ailor, Andy Hartwell, Sue Helm, Linda and Steve Kittle, Debbie Lewis and Mary McCarthy to Dr. Robert Lovett and his 14 acres of pine trees. In the first hour inside while the rain poured down, we learned about the different types of pines and what grows well in Missouri.  Then we drove out in the pinetum for a firsthand look at some of the trees Bob began planting in 1970.

To learn more about the pinetrum go to

Hercules Glades – April 2013

Five Master Naturalists participated in a field trip April 14 to Hercules Glades: Allan Keller, Gala Solari, Linda Ellis, Josh Sutterfield and Michael Baird. They saw lots of lizards and captured at least one on camera.

Wildflower Walk – April 2013

Bob and Barbara Kipfer hosted our annual wildflower walk with Linda Ellis as guide and chief plant IDer. Here’s a photo of some of the group on the bank of the Bull Mill Herp Pond. 

Past Trips

Here are images from the Aug. 13 field trip to the Endangered Wolf Sanctuary, The World Bird Sanctuary and Lone Elk Park in the St. Louis area.  At the wolf Sanctuary, we viewed African wild dogs, maned wolves, red wolves, Mexican gray wolves and swift foxes in large fenced areas.

At the World Bird Sanctuary, we viewed many raptors, which they specialize in, as well as other birds and domestic fowls.  At the end of our visit, a wild immature bald eagle from the nearby Meramec River flew in and settled in a tree above the exhibits.

At Lone Elk Park, we learned about the squeeze shutes and corrals used for the elk and bison in the park. As we were leaving, we were fortunate to see both elk and bison grazing near the road side.

Here are images from the May 2011 wildflower field trip at the Barb and Bob Kipfer property on Bull Creek, followed by a potluck at Dan Crane’s cabin in Mark Twain National Forest. Note that the cropping was done automatically, and we did not intentionally cut Master Naturalists out!

Here are images from a March 2010 wildflower walk at the Kipfers.

Here are images from a June 2010 field trip to Prairie State Park.

Here are images of our July 2010 field trip to Underground Springfield.

Here are images of our August 2010 field trip to Tumbling Creek Cave.

Here are pictures from the chapter picnic June 2012.