Master Naturalists Class of 2013

Thirty Master Naturalists in training graduated Oct. 29, swelling our Plateau Chapter membership to nearly 100. This Class of 2013  has a full year to complete certification to become Master Naturalists.

In our Members Only section, our updated roster contains contact information for old and new members.

  Henning Conservation Area The two pictures at left are at Henning Conservation Area near Branson where the class encountered a tarantula on its field trip to a glade. And here are interns and certified members planting rain gardens along Campbell Ave. Oct. 16 in a James River Basin Partnership project.

Here are possible capstone projects the 2013 members will undertake.

About Our 2011 Class

To give prospective members some perspective, the Class of 2011 Master Naturalists graduated with these members:

Drew Albert, Teri Leigh Baird, Curtis Baker, Sherry Baker, Kathryn Boone, Kathleen Cowens, Stephanie Davison, Debbie Due, Linda Ellis, Andy Hartigan, Guy Headland, Sue Helm, Jan Horton, Mandi Hubbs, David Ketchum, Bob Korpella, Melinda Lantz, Mary McCarthy, Kevin Miles, Tana Pulles, Susan Robords, Alana Roy and Josh Sutterfield.

Here’s a link to the eco regions PowerPoint presented to the class.

Here’s a photo of five class members who by August 2012 had met their certification requirements and become Master Naturalists:  from left,  Bob Korpella, Tana Pulles, Kathryn Boone, Drew Albert and Mary McCarthy.

Here are photos from a class field trip to Rocky Barrens Conservation Area where they studied glades:

And here are images from a capstone project: planting a rain garden outside the new Watershed Committee of the Ozarks facility at Valley Water Mill Park:

Images From 2009 Class

For the record, here are some images of the 2009 class from some of its field trips.


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