2011 State Conference Recap

By all reports, the state conference in September hosted by the Joplin chapter was a success, with our own Carl and Janet Haworth presenting “Your Conservation Education in a Trunk,” a three-hour workshop on our chapter’s trunk shows. These educational programs are unique to the Springfield Plateau Chapter, but several chapters expressed interest in setting up their own shows.

Other Plateau members attending the conference were Caryn Fox, Joe Kleiber, Gala Solari and Sheryl Walker.

Here are some photos from the Elk River outing, which in addition to being an enjoyable float trip was also educational. By planting native willow sticks in riparian corridors and eroded river and creek banks, further erosion can be slowed or eliminated and natural water flow maintained.  Joe Kleiber is in the first photo and Carl Haworth in the fourth.

Recognition for Jay

Our MDC advisor, Jay Barber, was honored in 2011 with the Outreach and Education Division Award of Excellence trophy from MDC for his dedication in growing the Springfield Plateau Chapter of Missouri Master Naturalists, for his work with Discover Nature Schools in Springfield, his work with Missouri State University in developing an emphasis educational program, his work in developing native plantings at Hickory Hills School and his participation in teacher training programs.  Read more at our blog,


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